Thursday, May 29, 2014

Best Free SEO Tools

Posted by Sonal Kumawat
SEO tools are extremely essential for websites. Because, using these tools you can check the content and internal linking of your website and also check the popularity and even ranking of your website.

So here is the tool list:

1. Google Webmaster Tool:-

Google webmaster is the best tool for a website because it has a lot of features. It is an important tool for a website. It desires to verify your website by placing a code to your website given by Google webmaster tool. Google Webmaster tools shows search engine clicks and impressions, crawl errors, website health, each queries, back-links, submit sitemap and many more for your website.

2. Google Analytics Tool:-

Google Analytics is another best and free SEO tool provide by the Google. It is used for tracking your website daily visitors and the source where they are coming from that is country and city, it also give the information connected to organic search queries, visitor’s location, social activity and many more. For this tool you need to just copy and paste the code “after added website in tool” to your website from the Google Analytic. Google Analytic tool is important for your website; from this tool you can download the complete report for a website. This tool also provides a facility that you can add lots of website in a single account.

3. Woorank :-

Woorank tool is used for checking the SEO score of your website that shows how much your website is SEO friendly. The SEO score shows the result out of 100. If got 70 or above 70 score from 100 means your website is SEO friendly but you need to do more optimize according to Google guidelines.

4. Copyscape :-

Copyscape tool is used for examination the duplicate contents in your website. You can verify the duplicate content in your website you can just put your website url and then check. Content duplicity means Contents is copy from other websites to your website is called Duplicate Content. In these days it is really important to check that your website have no copied content because after many Google algorithms updating, it is essential for every website that have unique content.

5. Google Page Speed:-

Google Page Speed is the best tool for checking the performance and speed i.e. how much time takes your website when website is load. So you can check website speed with the help of Google Page Speed tool. This tool gives your website speed performance in Mobile and Computer or Desktop.

6. W3C HTML Validator:-

W3C HTML Validator toll is used for optimizing the source code of your website. The Website Source Code is also the key factor for website ranking. By the use of this tool you can check the website source code errors that are errors in your website in XHTML, HTML and CSS code.

7. Website Sitemap Generator:-

Website Sitemap is very important for improving the SEO Score of your website. With the use of this tool you can generator Sitemap for your website in html, video, xml, image and mobile format. You can submit your sitemap to Google, Bing, Yahoo webmaster tool and other most popular search engines that helps crawl yours website better and also improve your website ranking.

8. URL Redirect Checker:-

This tool is used for checking the website URL Redirect that means your website is redirect to without www from with www Or with www form without www. You can redirect your website using 301 Redirect navigation and upload .htaccess file in parent directory.

9. Google Adwords Keyword Tool:-

Google Adwords Keyword is one of the best free keyword selection tool for your website. You can filter more and finest keywords for your website by category, by location. You can choose best fitted keyword In the result section you can see keywords that are worldwide searches. So, you can get the best keywords for your website using this tool.

10. Keyword Position Checker Tool:-

This tool is used for checking keyword position in the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. With the help of this tool, you can check your website keywords position in search engines; just entre Keyword that you want to check.

11. Keyword Density Tool:-

Keyword Density tool is used for inspection the keyword density of your webpage. This tool allows you to match up to keywords with in two different websites. When you submit two website url and keywords it's count whole keywords and density of both websites. The keywords of website will be count from title, Meta tags, url, text, image alt, referral link, body text and anchor tags. Even all of the keywords will be view separately.


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